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"I loved Paulina's uncomplicated writing style and you can clearly see that she has years of experience as a travel planner"

- Frédéric L.

Hi, I’m Paulina

Born and raised in Luxembourg, the size of this cute little country pushes to cross its borders! It was just a matter of time when my irrepressible wanderlust would uncover itself.

After 8 years of wandering around and living in 7 cities in 3 different countries (Brussels, Passau, MalagaMadridSevilleTenerife and Barcelona), I was ready to settle back in my home country.

But before getting “serious”, I wanted to do something crazy. That is how I ended up boat hitch-hiking from the Canary Islands to Cape Verde and finally, across the Atlantic to Barbados.

But somehow my feet got itchy again and I sailed off to Cape Verde to do voluntary work on the gorgeous island of Maio.

After experiencing so many places for an extended time, I decided that it was about time to create itineraries and show you some of the best places through the eyes of a (former) local.

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